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Apr 27, 2020

Episode 148: His & Her Pep Talk

In this episode:

  • Using those small wins to build confidence over time

  • Understanding that you will never just “arrive” at your goals

  • Inspiration is not based off of accomplishment

  • Embracing the journey of who you’re becoming along the way

My fiance Seena is back again for another His & Her Pep talk today because I got a ton of awesome feedback from people who really vibe with our completely different brains that process things so uniquely! Today we are chatting about two things that we were totally wrong about. First, is this concept that one day you just arrive and you’ve made it, which is so not true! And second, is that inspiration is only based on accomplishment. We have each had our own experiences with these two concepts in totally different ways in our own careers & lives. I think you are going to really connect with our different perspectives and how we have navigated through them & I can’t wait to hear what you think & how this impacts you girl!  



“Those little tiny wins every day… that’s where you really get to build that feeling of accomplishment & that proud feeling of yourself.”

“Sometimes we idealize the accomplishment, or the achievement, or that once I get there it’s going to be easier, and we forget that once we get there you’re just going to have different problems.”

“People will be more inspired by your journey than your accolades once you get there.”



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