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May 14, 2020

In this episode:

  • Getting comfortable with uncertainty

  • Embracing the power of not giving up & figuring it out

  • Freeing yourself from the unknown alternative

  • Throwing out societal expectations & choosing better thoughts

Hey girl, I am so excited you’re here for today’s episode because the topic is REAL & it’s RAW & it’s HONEST. And you KNOW, I am all about tangible tools & tactical advice that you can implement TODAY to make positive changes & build a life you’re obsessed with. But, it’s also SO important to me that you feel how I feel, that we’re girlfriends just chatting over your drink of choice, so I wanted to loop you in on a personal story, because I’m a human like you. There are a lot of people out there who seem like they are a million miles ahead, but I wanna keep it real with you because we are going through this together. Today I’m talking all about a recent time I stopped my workout after 12 minutes & then spent an hour by myself walking in downtown San Diego crying & asking myself crappy questions. Because even though I know better, we all fall sometimes. The key is to learn how to get back up faster, right? I hope you really vibe with this episode & take away something from these things I know for CERTAIN. Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!


“Sometimes, I think we have to fall down because there is something really important that we’re supposed to find or learn before we get back up.”

“I do not believe that you were gifted a vision for your life or this feeling in your gut to do something in a particular way or a particular order that is not yours to have.”

“Easy robs me of proud. And I know, proud makes me feel fulfilled. And I don’t want to just accomplish all the goals, I want to feel fulfilled in the process.”

“Humility is a form of acceptance. The acceptance that we can’t know it all, right? We can never know it all.”



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