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Nov 25, 2018

Episode 1: Interview w/ Angie Lee

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In this episode:

  • Acknowledging that gut feeling
  • Turning fear into excitement
  • Standing up, raising your hand & asking for what you want
  • Tangible tips for taking action on what you want to do
  • Finding clarity through action
  • Dealing with negative outside opinions of what you’re doing
  • Biting the bullet & starting before you’re ready
  • Rising to the occasion
  • Imposter syndrome

About Angie: 

At only 28 years old, Angie Lee has built a 7-figure business teaching people how to build their businesses & brands, and sell through social media. In addition, she’s also got a podcast with over 5 million downloads. She is a speaker, she’s working on her first book, just launched an event for female entrepreneurs, and is building out a physical product with her brother in a company called SoulCBD.

Angie has a TON of experience & tangible advice for us about fear & failure, and stepping into being the person you’ve always wanted to be, but something in your head has told you that you can’t. 


“Stepping into this game of life & realizing you have so much more control than you think. Start before you are ready & when it feels bit uncomfortable. We aren’t doing this alone.”



September by Earth, Wind & Fire 

Get Down on It by Cool & the Gang


“There’s never a day where you just have it all figured it all out, or you feel like you’ve made it.”

“It’s never the person with the most knowledge who gets what they want, it’s the person who asks for what they want.”

“Beyoncé poops… Nobody is nobody & anybody can be anybody.”

“We’re all afraid of leaving good for great, we’re all afraid of knowing what it really could be.”

“Inaction breeds fear.”

“Living a brave life always pays off.”

“If I don’t start, I’ll never know.”

“You will rise to the occasion.”

“You’re never going to be ready.”


Connect with Angie on Instagram @angieleeshow

6 Lessons about Fear

Breast Implant Removal & SoulCBD 

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