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Nov 15, 2019


If so—I think you will LOVE this BONUS EPISODE as a resource to GROW YOUR Network Marketing business, and to share with your teams! 

I’m calling it a “BONUS EPISODE” because its not in line with the personal development/ taking PURPOSE driven ACTION Theme of the podcast for our episodes released every Monday & Thursday. 

BUT… this podcast is to SERVE YOU and I have had SO many of you reach out to me on Instagram, asking for a podcast about Network Marketing so I wanted to share some tips from my experience having been in Network Marketing since 2014. 

I wasn’t someone in a back against the wall situation that had to make this work, I started it as a side hustle alongside a job I actually loved.

I fell in love with the business model straight out the gates treated this like a business, building it before & after work and then I actually left the corporate world in April of 2015 to run with it full time.

Since then I have spoken on a lot of Beachbody stages, done TONS of trainings to the network of what Beachbody calls “Coaches” , earned well over 7 figures with this business and helped lots of women to build their business too. 

I love Network marketing for a lot of reasons, but this episode is not going to be ABOUT network marketing or talk about pros/cons of it, or why you should or shouldn’t do it but more so going to be directed AT someone who is CURRENTLY in Network marketing (any company) who wants to GROW their Network Marketing Business. 

Because I know I have a lot of Network Marketers I’m connected with outside of just Beachbody, my tips are going to be very tangible for ANY Network Marketer- not specifically for Beachbody Coaches.

I could go ON & ON about training for Network Marketers because I’ve done this for almost 6 years but today Im going to make this a quick hit with 5 TIPS!!


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