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Sep 30, 2019

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In this episode:

  • Breaking through your own mind games

  • Playing out the worst case scenario

  • Remembering the impact you could make

  • Taking small measurable action steps 

I am SO excited to chat with you today about 3 quick tips for taking messy action when you’re scared, doubting yourself or in that headspace where you know you want to do something but those mind games are holding you back from going after it.

Doing that thing that scares you won’t kill you, I promise.

& remember girl, somebody out there needs to see you doing what you feel called to do. Somebody out there is counting on YOU. It’s time to do the damn thing.

Hope this resonates with you & I can’t wait to hear what you think!



“When you play it out, you realize things can’t go THAT wrong… you won’t die.”

“What woman will feel alone if she doesn’t hear your story, if you don’t show up and share that. Who’s gonna feel alone by you not doing that thing you feel called to do?”

“It’s not just about you anymore, this dream was placed in you for a reason for you to go do something about it.” 


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