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Feb 4, 2019

Episode 19: Interview with Melisa Celikel

In this episode:

  • Vision setting & smart goals
  • Decluttering your life & home
  • Mindset behind getting organized
  • Living in the present
  • Limiting beliefs around clutter

Melisa Celikel is the owner of Let's Get You Organized, San Diego's Premier Professional Organizing Company.

Let's Get You Organized operates on the three core values of Respect, Collaboration, and Active Listening to help scattered shopaholics develop positive habits, take action, and make realistic choices in implementing their home organization systems. Melisa and her team strategically implement decluttering solutions and work to reduce chaos & disorganization for each in-home client. Virtual Clutter Coaching and Aspiring Professional Organizer Mentorship Programs are also offered for non-local clients.

On the show today we have Melisa Celikel who is a professional organizer and I was BLOWN AWAY by how much MINDSET plays a role in getting and staying organized. Melisa not only gives us tangible tips for getting more organized to live a less cluttered and chaotic life, but also talks about doing more of a deep dive into mindset around things like lack or scarcity or things that have happened in our lives that cause us to hold onto things that are no longer serving us. I can’t wait for you all to soak up what Melisa has to offer & I’m pumped to hear what you think!

“Go deeper than the superficial stuff that’s gonna come up… start to get to a place of soul and understanding what your soul really wants in this earthly life.”


  • Let It Go from Frozen
  • Wu-Tang Clan


“You’re living for the now, you’re living with what you have. It’s simplified, it’s efficient, you’re living a productive organized life instead of a life of cluttered chaos.”

“Really taking a holistic view of your life and stepping back, and asking yourself what do I want.”

“Of course you’re gonna leave people behind in your life because you’re gonna keep up-leveling and you’re gonna keep calling yourself to more, and you’re gonna still be reaching your potential in greatness.”

“Stop living for other people, what do you want?”


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