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Apr 19, 2021

In today’s podcast episode we are going to have an honest & raw conversation about the STORIES that we tell ourselves— but in particular the stories we tell ourselves about FULFILLMENT & JOY! This one’s going to be juicy!!

Also, today we are Celebrating 3 MILLION DOWNLOADS of this podcast- it’s honestly SO surreal & I just wanted to thank you SO much! 

We are doing a fun GIVEAWAY as a thank you be sure to head over to my Instagram page @kacia.fitzgerald & check it out & truly thank you so much! 

Ooh & also did you know there are two other fun ways you can connect with me outside of the pod? 

#1- My TOTALLY free TEXT list you #TextsFromKac can join to get PUMP UP texts from me and all the JUICY news and fun perks! 

#2- My favorite social platform - Instagram! 



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