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Aug 22, 2019

In this episode:

  • Calling your shot & getting support

  • The secret sauce to consistency & confidence

  • Monitoring the language around your goals

  • Put your blinders on & get to work

I’m so excited you’re here today for this short little GUT CHECK episode where we are tackling the super simple question: are you INTERESTED in achieving your goals or are you COMMITTED to achieving your goals? I’m excited to dive a little deeper into this, give it a little more juiciness & context. Give it more OOMPH that will get us pumped up so that we can do that thing that’s burning up inside of us. And of course because I am all about tangible ACTION steps, today I am breaking down 5 things that I really think will help push you into COMMITMENT vs just staying “interested” in your goals. I hope you find this impactful and will tag me on IG with your takeaways, can’t wait to hear from you girl!



“If we’re only interested in a goal we only show up when it’s convenient, or we only share our ideas or we share our passion or excitement towards the goal, when we don’t think it’s gonna bother or inconvenience someone else.”

“But the problem that comes in, is when we say that we’re committed but our behaviors match or act as if we’re merely interested.”

“If you’re able to call out & figure out what your main excuse is, then you’re going to be able to tackle it.”

“Monitor your language around your goals, are you saying IF or are you saying WHEN.”

“What would you have to believe about yourself to be true in order to achieve those goals?”


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