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Feb 27, 2020

In this episode:

  • Being honest with yourself about what your goals really are

  • Calling yourself out when you’re playing small

  • Applying the 24 hour rule to make progress on your goal

  • Getting accountability & breaking down the steps you need

Buckle up girl, this one is SAUCY & I am SO excited that you’re here today because I think you’re really going to connect with this topic!

We’re talking about lying to ourselves, and in particular if you’re lying to yourself about what you really want.

This episode is for you if you’re maybe not throwing in the towel or giving up completely on your goals, but as you start going down that path of getting where you want to go, you catch yourself downgrading & then rationalizing the new dream that seems a little bit easier...

This is also for you if maybe you’re actually proactively giving yourself a copout because you’re not actually doing the work that’s required to get you where you want to go so that you have a built in excuse that if you don’t accomplish it, you can say it didn’t really matter to you. I warned you in the title, this is gonna be juicy & saucy but I think you will love it & of course, I can’t wait to hear what you really think so slide into those DMs or shout this one out on IG stories girl! 



“Is there a chance, that you’re purposely not trying your hardest so that you can say that you didn’t give it your all or that it didn’t really matter to you, if it doesn’t work out?”

“This goal matters to you. It’s still gonna hurt if you fail. But that’s life! & I don’t think the point is to get to the end of life & say, wow, look I’ve got no bruises... look at me I kinda showed up.”

“That I’m gonna feel proud of myself, I’m gonna feel like I earned it. I’m gonna know that if I showed up & I gave it my all, that I’m gonna feel really proud every single day that I put my head on my pillow. That’s what I want for you.”

“The best way to build confidence & fulfillment, it’s not actually other people validating you & your goals. It’s you keeping promises to yourself.” 

“You can’t lie to yourself, when deep down you know that you’re settling on a goal that doesn’t matter to you quite as much as the original goal that you downgraded from.” 



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