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Feb 14, 2019

Episode 22: Consistency

In this episode:

  • Setting the stage with excitement
  • Celebrating the little wins
  • Creating a game-plan
  • Focus on the controllables
  • Asking for what you need

Today we are talking about CONSISTENCY, but even more so, how to get ourselves EXCITED to actually be consistent so that the things that we want to do to build the life that we love are just part of what we do. We know that those tiny things that are easy to do, are also easy NOT to do. But those are the things we NEED to do to get us where we want to go.

Tapping into the EXCITEMENT and JOY behind these things we have to do is what will keep us CONSISTENT. Tangible ways to get the consistency you want? You know I got you girl:

  1. Be proactive & get accountability
  2. You’ve got to know WHY you’re doing it

“To accomplish anything GREAT, you’re going to have to start before you’re ready.”


“Those tiny little things that are so easy TO do, are equally easy NOT to do. But to get us where we want to go, we’ve gotta do those things.”

“If it feels good to do something, we’re probably gonna be more inclined to do it again.”

“If you’re feeling your best, you’re impacting everyone around you.”

“The absolute best reasons why we do something are either extremely pleasurable… or maybe it’s very painful.”

“Sometimes it comes from pain, sometimes it comes from pleasure. But if there’s a pain or pleasure that’s attached specifically to you of why you’re doing something, you’re gonna be so much more likely to show up.”

“What makes it fun is gonna make you show up, girl, that’s gonna build that consistency!”

“Consistency is like a muscle that you would build in the gym.”


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