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Jan 31, 2019

Episode 18: Conflict Prevention

In this episode:

  • Fight or flight mentality
  • Different life experiences & perspectives
  • Choosing curiosity over defensiveness
  • Is the story true or are your emotions driving
  • The Power of Vulnerability

I am SO excited you are here today because we are talking about a really important topic: preventing conflict. It’s a little bit of a different take on conflict resolution or dealing with negativity but is a lot more about the REAL TIME reactions during conflict. We always get to CHOOSE how we react or handle situations & because we are all about ACTION, I’m going to break down a few steps for you:

  1. Choose to LEARN – choose CURIOSITY
    2.  Ask yourself if the STORY is true? Or are your EMOTIONS driving it?
    3.  Brené Brown – read her books especially "Power of Vulnerability" 


“Is this story you’re creating even true?”

“I got so damn curious I put myself, to the best of my ability that I could, in her shoes, and I thought how can I make sense of this from her lens.”

“What an opportunity that I would have missed to learn something if I would have shut her down. An opportunity to learn something about myself, to become a better communicator, to more effectively lead.”

“Every single person that we meet knows something we don’t, and has a completely different life experience and perspective. And we get to choose, always choose, to learn.”