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May 18, 2020

In this episode:

  • Celebrating along the way with mini goals

  • Building confidence every day through small wins

  • What you are learning now will serve you in the long-run

  • Thinking about how this stage can help you later

This one is a saucy little episode that I think will light a fire under your butt & give you some more tools in your toolbox that will be really powerful, so I am so happy you are here!

I wanted to share with you this question that I ask myself basically daily that is super simple but super powerful: how is what you’re doing today going to help you later by getting you closer to that bigger vision or goal of what you want?

I love this question because it may sound like common sense, but it’s not common practice!

If everyone asked themselves that question so many more of us would feel focused & not as stressed out or doubting ourselves & wanting to throw in the towel on our dreams.

I honestly believe that if you become a NINJA at asking yourself this question in real time, it will be so valuable for you & really any goals or vision or even skills you are working on in your life.

So, let’s dive right in girl! I can’t wait to hear what you think! 



“If it came super easily, we would miss out so much wouldn’t we?”

“Everything that’s happening in my life, or in my business, I can find a reason for how it’s serving me right now to be the type of human that I want to be later or to have the type of goals accomplished.”

“You literally have to have a setback, to have a comeback where you can build that resiliency. You gotta fall down so you can get back up.” 

“At the end of the day, when it feels a little bit harder in life or it just feels like you’re juggling a lot & you’re frustrated.. That means, you’re leveling up.”



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