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Nov 28, 2019

In this episode:

  • Identifying the things we need to unlearn

  • Releasing the expectations we put on others

  • Assuming that people are doing the best they can

  • Being selective on who we take advice from

As we are going into the holiday season, that means a lot of family gatherings, & sometimes we can get anxious or proactively stressed out from knowing that we are going to be around certain people who might trigger us & so sometimes we come into these gatherings in a reactive state.... right? 

So I wanted to take this episode to dig into this topic a little deeper and talk about releasing expectations.

Whether it’s the expectations we have of how someone “should” act or an expected outcome from a certain situation, we tend to play it out before we even get there.

That’s just not a fun way to live life that causes a bunch of unnecessary stress, so today I am breaking down 4 little tips you can put into play TODAY to help you navigate these situations to have the most uplifting & rewarding experience possible.


Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!



“Part of becoming an adult means we’ve gotta unlearn some of the stuff that we were taught.”

“We all have feelings, we all struggle, we’re all just trying to do what we can do to figure out this journey through life… we’ve gotta just give them some grace.”

“We can either choose to get annoyed by that or we can just release the expectations as a whole. Girl, which one feels better?”

“You can choose to take today and make it whatever the hell you want.”



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