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Aug 20, 2020


Let's Chat!

Does SOCIAL media sometimes make you want to take a fork and shove it in your eyeball? 

Is your social media consumption hindering your ability to either be present in your life  OR having you think you are “BEHIND” or failing and actually keeping you STUCK because you aren’t wanting to go for your dreams because you are worried about other people’s opinions of you? 

Or are you just FEELING SUPER OVERWHELMED right now, feeling the HEAVINESS of the world or like your boundaries are out of whack a little? 

If so then this is YOUR EPISODE! 

In today’s episode we are talking about BOUNDARIES with Social Media & in life to help you manage OVERWHELM and live a life you’re obsessed with! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think! 


“WHAT and WHO could be NEGATIVELY impacted as a bi-product of me consuming so much social media and comparing myself to other people on the internet that I don’t often even know the whole story of?”

“If we wonder why we don’t feel EXCITED or happy, it might because of the environment we are creating in our head because of the social media content  we’re consuming, so we’ve got to make BETTER choices for our mental health” 

“When you KNOW better, you DO BETTER” - Maya Angelou 


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