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Jan 20, 2020

In this episode:

  • Having mutual respect during different life phases

  • Owning your vision of what happiness looks like

  • Perspective on the flip-side of your own milestones

  • Embody your story & honor others embodying theirs

I'm so excited for you to listen into this episode that's a little bit different but I think it’s going to empower you to build a life that you love because we are going to talk about understanding someone else’s life path even if it’s different than yours.

I’m giving you a real life example of my relationship with one of my very best friends who is currently living a totally different life than what I want right now, just as much as she wouldn’t want my life right now.

But we are still fiercely supportive of each other, and that’s what I’m excited to chat with you about today.

Everyone’s vision in their life is different and we have to honor & respect that.

I can’t wait to hear what you think and if you are loving this kind of content please let me know!!



“Pushing your idea of happiness onto someone else, even if they’re a best friend, who’s got a different vision for their life, is not only annoying but it could legit ruin your friendship.”

“We can have grace & compassion to understand that someone not wanting what we want does not mean that they’re ‘wrong’.”

“There’s no ‘right & wrong’ in life… we are all unique individuals with different dreams placed on our heart.” 

“The secret sauce to fulfillment, is doing what YOU feel called to do & respecting other people who are doing them too.”



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