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Oct 31, 2019

In this episode:

  • Having more fun & trying new things

  • Being careful about who/what you’re following

  • Identifying what is triggering you

  • Looking for problems you can fix

Oh girrrl, I am so excited that you’re here today and I really think this topic is going to be impactful because we are talking about some tangible ways to get UN-STUCK! 

This topic actually stemmed from a conversation with a girl on Instagram where she explained how she felt so stuck & felt stupid for wanting more while also struggling to figure out what she really wants. I was so able to connect with how she’s feeling because I was her back in 2014, and maybe you can connect with this message too.

So today I really wanted to share what I told her and also to just remind you, you’re gonna be okay & even in this season, it’s still going to serve you & there will be a future version of you who looks back and is so freaking proud of you.

You’re not alone girl, and I can’t wait to hear how these tips serve you too! 



“You will feel “stuck” from time to time, that’s what growth feels like, it doesn’t always feel good. But the human experience requires contrast which means the highs and the lows.”

“Girl, you’re not stuck. You’re mid-conquer of figuring this out. Keep pushing through, don’t give up.”

“Sometimes we get so focused on the end goal of where we want to be, that we forget that there’s a lot of power in just picking one thing that’s bugging us & solving it.”

“If we’re intentional about our environment we’re more likely to show up and we’re not gonna feel alone when we’re creating an environment that’s serving us.”


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