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Feb 20, 2020

In this episode:

  • Breaking down the powerful chemicals released in your body when you exercise

  • The science behind movement & its effect on your brain

  • Transitioning from negativity into positivity in the short & long term

  • Choosing to think about how stress can help you harness your strengths

Kelly McGonigal is an author, psychologist, and educator, who believes that it is possible to experience hope, joy, and meaning, even when things are difficult. She believes that science and stories are two of the best ways to inspire self-understanding, empathy for others, and connection with a broader sense of common humanity. Through all of her work, she shares her own awe about the human condition, whether that’s being amazed by how the brain functions or being elevated by our capacity to transform suffering into meaning. Kelly is a teacher at heart, and all of her books are based on classes she taught at Stanford University (The Willpower Instinct, The Upside of Stress & The Joy of Movement).

Kelly’s 2013 TED talk “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” which makes the case that social connection is both a natural instinct and a source of resilience in times of stress has had over 22 MILLION views! I am SO excited you are here for today’s episode with Kelly who is someone I so deeply admire & I’m sure you’re going to absolutely love her too! Be sure to shout out your takeaways & tag us on Instagram, can’t wait to hear what you think!!



  • Move Your Body by SIA



“There is nothing like exercise in terms of its ability to change the function and the structure of your brain, to literally remodel your brain.”  

“It doesn’t only reduce anxiety & stress… it profoundly changes who you are and your capacity to enjoy being a social creature.” 

“We know that as soon as people begin to become more physically active… that because your heart rate is increasing, because you are energized, because you are breathing more deeply, because your muscles are being used, that the sense of self you have becomes almost immediately more confident & more optimistic.” 

“Studies suggest within about 6 weeks, you’re seeing a different brain.That you will now have a brain that not only enjoys exercise more, but enjoys life more.”

“Movement is such an incredible way to experience yourself as someone who can learn, grow & change in ways that are personally meaningful & often in ways that surprise you.”   



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