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Feb 18, 2021

Today’s interview is with  Ashley Stahl who is SUCH a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE but also has had such an interesting career path I think you’re really going to be inspired by! 

Ashley once worked in DC as a counterterrorism professional and now she is highly sought-after career coach who has helped thousands of job seekers step into a career that lights them up. 

She’s a Forbes Blogger, host of the You Turn Podcast  and the author of a book I think you are REALLY going to vibe with for lots of TACTICAL tools called YouTurn! 

Today we dive into all things CAREER and SELF AWARENESS! Can’t wait to hear what you think!! 

IMPACTFUL QUOTES from today’s interview! 

“Is your skill set from a wound or from inspiration?”  

“To me, when people say they’re fine, they just aren’t in touch with their pain” 

“The highest you can go is find a job with purpose, mission, and calling, and you can’t get there unless you are operating out of your gifts”. 

“Being stuck doesn’t mean you’re actually stuck. It just means you haven’t created enough options for yourself”. 

“Who can I have a conversation with today that moves the energy of my life forward?” 

“Don’t do what you love. Do what you are”. 

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