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Oct 15, 2020

THIS INTERVIEW IS so FUN & UPBEAT but also PACKED with a whole lot of REAL TALK!! 

On the show today we have Brit Barron who is a POWERHOUSE speaker, incredible teacher and author of a book I absolutely LOVED and if you haven’t read it I think you will love too called “Worth It”. 

I think you are going to REALLY vibe with this episode because this interview is REAL & RAW and also SO FUNNY and UP-LIFTING. 

Britt aka BEANS as her friends call her, which you best believe I did by the end because she literally makes you feel like you are INSTA-BESTIES with her, has a POWERFUL STORY— A story that looks nothing like mine which is part of why I was SO excited to have her on the show!! 

Britt actually spent the first part of her life in the evangelical church becoming a pastor at a mega church at the age of 26. 

Then— she met a woman named Sami who she fell in love with, but because of her sexual orientation she had to LEAVE the church. 

Since then she married Sami and she has a DEEP passion for reminding people that choosing freedom is always worth it no matter the cost. 

In this episode we talk about FEAR, TRANSITIONS, CHANGE, COMPARISON, we LAUGH and I think you are going to be SO INSPIRED! 

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“Is my life a reflection of who I want to BE or a REACTION to who I don’t want to upset” 

“Life is hard either way- it’s HARD to manage other people’s expectations & it’s hard to veer out of them but one of those hard roads is going to lead me to a place I actually want to be, where I’m happy with MYSELF and my CHOICES” 

“What’s on the OUTSIDE of the box you’re afraid to leave?” 

“Fear is not a LIAR it’s a CAPTIVE” 

“If you’re make up a scenario what not make it HOPEFUL” 


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