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Sep 26, 2019



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Now... in this episode:

  • Finding joy on the roller coaster of life

  • Tools for becoming more self-aware

  • Evaluating your circle of influence

  • Creating boundaries vs balance

Girl, I am so happy you are here today because we are talking about JOY RIDES which is so FUN!

I know sometimes joy ride can mean like stealing a car, but what I really want to talk about is a joyful ride through life.

& I’m not talking about cruising down the highway blasting tunes, I’m talking about a RIDE like a roller coaster which means there are ups & downs, there’s things that are unpredictable & curveballs that are coming or times that you are jolted or even want to pee a little!

What I really want is for you to find joy in the PROCESS of being on this ride of life despite the ups & downs, so I’m coming at you with 3 components that have really helped me find a lot more joy in my ride through life.

I think these are really going to hit home with you & be super impactful so I can’t wait to hear what you think!



“The better that we know ourselves, the less frustrated that we get when we fumble because we can give ourselves more grace and more compassion because we love ourselves more.”

“Honestly just sitting down & taking some time to identify what makes us happy helps us get more self aware, and then when we’re more self-aware we can actually take action.” 

“We’ve gotta be intentional about noticing who’s ideas we are infusing into us, because if you’re around negative people you’re gonna have to navigate negativity.”

“It is our job to make our ride through life more joy-filled. It’s our job to believe in ourselves, not anybody else's.”



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