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Mar 14, 2019

In this episode:

  • Leaning into your fear

  • What’s the opportunity cost?

  • Recognizing what no longer serves you

  • Creating space to find clarity

  • Feel it & do it anyway

Tommy Baker is a writer, speaker, author, coach, and the host of the Resist Average Academy, a top-rated iTunes podcast designed to give you the knowledge, inspiration, and action steps to live a life by design - never by default. Tommy’s contagious enthusiasm and approach to life can be seen and felt in the wide array of content he creates, including podcasts, books, videos & courses. As he likes to say, he doesn’t have it all figured out - but he loves the process.

I’m so excited that you’re here today because I think you are about to have your MIND BLOWN by today’s guest, Tommy Baker. Tommy is on a mission to help people LEVEL UP, and why I think you will LOVE his content & resonate with his message is because his energy is high, his passion is through the roof, but he is also incredibly articulate in breaking down TANGIBLE things that you can actually use to implement & take action TODAY. The way that he is showing up in the world is SO inspiring & you are going to get SO much value from this episode! Be sure to listen through to the end to hear about a fun giveaway we are doing too! Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!

“Your desires & your dreams are WORTHY. They are yours for a reason. And often, we think we choose our dreams & desires, I don’t believe that. They chose us, and they chose us for a reason.”



  • A Moment Apart by Odesza



“Are we willing to lean into the fear? If we didn’t have the fear, it wouldn’t be important to us. If we didn’t have the fear, we wouldn’t be stretching our comfort zone.”

“When we marry passion with skills, that’s when the magic happens.”

“The excitement of doing the thing that you wanna do is gonna keep you going through the adversity.”

“See what they are doing as a reflection of what you are capable of.”

“If we have something inside of us and we don’t actually take the courageous step to make it real, we’re dishonoring our own desires and our own dreams.”

“Not chasing our dreams, not fulfilling our desires, is actually very selfish.”