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Nov 18, 2019

In this episode:

  • Daily habits to create more happiness

  • Taking inventory of what brings you joy

  • Questions to help identify your baseline

  • Doing your best to be what you want to see

I am a huge believer that if we are not very intentional about going through our days looking for ways to generate more joy & happiness, we might be going down a really slippery slope or a path that could end up with us looking back wondering, how the heck did I get here. 

& not the good kind of how did I get here, but the ‘ugh, why the heck is my life so unfulfilled’ kind.

So what’s required to build a happy & fulfilling life?

I think happiness in your days & intentional small consistent deposits DAILY is the secret sauce.

We all know you don’t just “arrive” at happy, or confident, or fit, or whatever, but it’s those little things that would be easy to do but also not to do that you are going to choose TO do because those things are what compound over time & create the life you love.

I love this topic & just know it will be so impactful for you!

Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!


“The same rules apply for happiness and joy, we have to intentionally create it which means we’ve got to be constantly looking for things that we can control… that are going to make us happier human beings.”

“We’ve gotta take that finger that we wanna point at someone else, we’ve gotta flip it back around & point it at ourselves & say, what can I own here?”

“How would the most grateful version of me, who understands that today is a freaking gift that some people are not blessed with, show up to today to make it count.”

“All that we are guaranteed is the moment right in front of us, the day that we are gifted which is today. We have to make today count.”



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