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Jan 27, 2020

In this Episode:

  • Ditching the wish for things to be easier

  • Doubt is normal when you are growing

  • Ending the BS belief that “I’m not motivated”

  • Thinking of future you when you want to quit

Girl I am so excited you are here today because we are making a PACT. Something I hear all the time, is wishing things were easier, or that you were more motivated to do the work....

& I’m just gonna be real with you here and remind you that EASY will rob you of PROUD.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard someone BRAG about everything being easy & being handed to them on a silver platter.

No, she doesn’t brag about how easy something was, she’s going to brag about the hard work because that’s going to make her feel proud. You are not always going to feel like it, pushing toward your goals, growing & evolving, it’s not always going to be happy little unicorns coming out of your butt, you know this!

So today we are making a pact on two things we are going to do together and I hope you are IN it with me! 



“We cannot rob ourselves of the opportunity to feel proud by wishing things were easier.”

“Can’t anxious mean that it matters to you? Can’t all of that BS doubting yourself mean that you’re on the right path & you’re growing? Can’t you view these feelings as an opportunity to learn & evolve and feel so damn proud of yourself later?”

“We’ve gotta stop using this sentence, ‘I’m not motivated’ as a BS excuse to avoid the work that’s actually required, because we know that we have to show up even on the days that we don’t feel like it if we wanna make progress.”

“Action, even small steps, tiny little steps in the right direction bring clarity & confidence. And that’s gonna help get you where you wanna go.” 



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