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Dec 20, 2018

Episode 8: Burnout

In this episode:

  • What is burnout & why do we experience it?
  • Setting boundaries for yourself & others
  • Turning off notifications & being PRESENT
  • Putting yourself at the TOP of your priority list
  • 4 action steps for AVOIDING or REBOUNDING from burnout

In today’s episode we are talking about burnout – why does it happen, how do we deal with it & what to do to bounce back from it. Burnout is a REAL thing that we experience in our society on a regular basis. But, what if you had a GAME-PLAN and solid ACTION STEPS to REBOUND from burnout? OR, what if you could AVOID it all together? Your life is worth MORE than being a slave to your emails, or notifications, or other people’s expectations. Take these tips & implement them into your daily life, then let me know how they help you!

#1. Intentionally pick your season & what you are focusing on

#2. Set your boundaries

#3. Take inventory of your communication channels

#4. Make YOU a priority but drop the BS story

“I believe, to my absolute core, that the future version of you is gonna thank you. She's gonna thank you SO much and say thank you for GROWING through this tough time, thank you for learning what you learned. This is serving you & others.”


“We have been sold the idea that there is this balance, that’s actually attainable. And so many of us feel unfulfilled because we feel like we’re failing, because we are striving for something that doesn’t even exist.”

“What boundaries do I first need to put in place to protect myself and my energy so I don’t repeat this cycle again?”

“You don’t have to be available just because someone else wants you to be.”

“The people who do the if/only game, they not only suck the life out of themselves, but they don’t see as much success in their business or in their life, and they don’t feel fulfilled because they’re coming from a place of lack & they’re playing the comparison game.”


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