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Jul 29, 2019

In this episode:

  • Reframing your fear of failure

  • Expecting to failing more

  • Getting back up quicker

  • Growing through what you go through

In today’s episode I’m talking about a quick mindset hack on failure because what I want most is to give you content that will change your LIFE.

I hear a lot from you guys about the FEAR of failure, and I wanted to offer a little reframe on this idea that I think will be really helpful for you and is something you can implement ASAP to change your mindset.

What if we DECIDE that we HAVE to fail because we have to grow through what we go through to become the best version of ourselves? What if we decided that failure was a NECESSARY part of the path towards success?

And while I think fundamentally, we can get onboard with the idea, but I want to engrain this idea with something TANGIBLE I am calling the 24 hour trigger.

I know this is going to help you change your mindset & I can’t wait to hear what you think girl!



“We have to faceplant, because the actual goal in our life is to learn to be more resilient. To grow through what we go through.”

“What if success wasn’t actually the opposite of failure, but it was a necessary part of the path toward success, you HAD to fail.”

“The difference between successful people crushing their goals, even when they’re failing, and people who aren’t seeing success, is how long they let themselves stay down. Successful people just get back up faster.”


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