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Mar 16, 2020

In this episode:

  • Intentionally looking at what your inaction is costing you

  • Getting real with yourself in your “comfy-ness”

  • The cost of not living up to your full potential

  • Listening to the rumble in your gut & calling your shot

Girl, I am so glad you are here today for this little pep talk!!!

As you know, I like to picture us like we’re girlfriends chatting & today we are having some SPICY margaritas because this one is short & saucy.

We’re talking about opportunity cost & we’re really going to dive into the fact that you not doing that thing that you wanna do, or choosing to stay stuck (because yes thats a choice!), or choosing to sit in analysis paralysis wondering if you should go do that thing… that is actually costing you, & often it’s a lot more than we even realize.

We often spend so much time thinking about what could go wrong or what it will cost us to do that thing, whether its time or money or social risk.

But the better question to ask is, what is it costing you to NOT do that thing? That’s the opportunity cost & I LOVE this topic, so I am really excited to dive into this with you! I hope you get something impactful from this today & of course let me know what you think!



“Make a list of what you’re leaving on the table if you don’t do it… are you leaving income? Impact? Fulfillment? Joy? Happiness? Confidence? A community of people like a sense of belonging? Just getting pumped up about the one shot here you have on the planet?”

“Are you also leaving on the table an opportunity to have someone that you love… that could see you showing up to your own life, making your life a freaking testimony of what it looks like to give up a good life & go for a great life.”

“If I stayed where I was at, I wasn’t gonna be living up to my potential. & for me, there is no greater cost. I’m not scared of regret, I’m scared of not living up to my potential.”

“What is your inaction costing you? That cost is not worth it.”



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