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May 25, 2020

In this episode:

  • Taking inventory on your own energy & using that to your advantage

  • Being proactive about planning your day to day activities

  • Focusing your to-FEEL list with your daily to-dos

  • Ensuring that your priorities are truly treated like priorities

Hey girl, I am so excited that you’re here today because we are just doing a short little pep talk.

And I am encouraging you to CRANK up the VOLUME on your JOY & your HAPPINESS! We’re talking about making your day more juicy, and fulfilling because it’s a day that you have that other people don’t. In society, being goofy & playing & doing things simply because they are fun is downplayed or deemed as less important, and I think that is total BS.

I believe that this ‘hustle until your face falls off’ culture where ‘busy’ is worn like a badge of honor is going to have us burnt out with health issues, relationship struggles & lacking fulfillment & joy. We need a little remix on that narrative & I hope you leave today’s episode buckled up & ready to have some freaking FUN! Let’s do this girl!



“Making joy & enthusiasm & happiness & becoming a more positive person is literally going to help you find more solutions.”

“There is so much research that has proven that happiness leads to success, much more than success leading to happiness.”

“These mundane things that you have to get done, how can you make them more fun? What if you mapped out your to-do list & you thought about your to-FEEL list more, right?”

“It’s up to us girl, to rewrite the narrative on the importance of joy & happiness and being positive people, and looking for opportunities to create days that make us excited!”



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