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Jan 16, 2020

In this episode:

  • Stop wishing away today & savoring the now

  • Identifying benefits from navigating your challenges

  • Showing up every day to make yourself proud

  • Celebrating yourself & your effort in the moment

Today, I am coming at you with a short little pep talk & I’m going to challenge you to do something today that I think will seriously improve the quality of your life, especially if you make this into a consistent practice.

It’s so damn simple..... all I want you to do is to get a little more intentional about savoring the stage that you’re in, like right now in your life in all aspects.

You used to dream about being where you are right now, right?

All of those challenges & feelings of doubt you had to work through, and here you are! 

&now, you’re striving for the next goal which is amazing, but I don’t want you to just waste today away wishing for what’s next to come faster.

I want you to be here, be present and savor the growth you are creating right now.

I’m so excited for you girl & I can’t wait to hear what you think of this little quick pump up!



“Remember when you wanted to be where you are literally right now in your life? All the crap that you had to navigate, the work that you had to put in… look at you. You are here.”

“There’s always so much going on behind closed doors. Every single person who’s ever accomplished anything that you want has absolutely doubted herself.”

“What if today, you decided, I’m actually just gonna savor today… you just take a second, and you think: life is rigged in my favor, even when I don’t feel like it I’m going to just believe that right now. I’m going to choose to grow through what I go through.”



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