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Feb 17, 2020

In this episode:

  • Showing yourself what you’re really made of

  • Building confidence where you’re at now

  • Getting excited about the inbetween stage

  • Being honest & having trust in the process

I am so pumped you are here for a quick little pep talk like we are girlfriends chatting over coffee, & what I want to talk about today is how you do not get to skip the beginning stage ever!

It is so tough to be at the very beginning, but girl, navigating through this is gonna be so worth it!

I too, don’t get to skip the beginning & I’m coming to you with this just hours after crying to Seena and reminding myself of this exact thing on a regular basis as well!

I was having that feeling in my gut that this thing is going to be SO massive & I just want it to be at the point that I know it can be right NOW....

Maybe you can connect with this feeling of being someone with a big vision of where you’re going & you want it right now because you are so freaking excited, but that can also make you frustrated that you have to “wait” to get there?!

If so...I’m excited to chat with you today about WHY this stage is actually NECESSARY!! Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!   



“Even if you have experience, you still have a beginning for something brand new.”

“Get your head back in the game. Remind yourself that you were not given this dream or this vision for your life or this goal by accident. You’re gonna have to buckle up & keep on going.”

“Please, make sure that you are not letting yourself… choose to get frustrated & bogged down by how far you have to go to get where you wanna go.”  



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