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Jan 30, 2020

In this episode:

  • Slowing down long enough to hear your intuition

  • Listening to the rumble in your belly that you want more

  • Staying grateful for the good while also honoring the desire for great

  • Releasing the comparisons that are holding you back 

I’m so excited you are here today for this saucyepisode because I am comin' in hot with some real talk about giving up good & going for great.

If you are the woman right now who’s doing pretty good in life, nothing’s going horribly wrong, but you still feel this feeling that you want more, this episode is definitely for you.

There are so many of these “checklist items” (the degree, the job, the marriage, the house) that are celebrated in our society just for being good. But, if you are quiet for a second & just slow down to listen to your GUT, for some reason you’ve got that rumble deep in your belly that you want great in some or many aspects of your life.

So girl, why are you shoving that feeling down or wishing it away? It’s time to listen to that roar in your gut & go for great!

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one girl!


“If deep down in your belly, you’ve got this rumble or roar for great & good is actually underwhelming you because you’ve got fire in your belly, you also have to honor that feeling.”

“It is one of the hardest places to be when everything is actually good. You’re not to the point where you’re so uncomfortable where your back is against the wall & you have to make a change.”

“Think about what you actually want. What could great look like in a particular area of your life?”

“I do not think it’s selfish if you want more. If you want to give up good, and go for great.”


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