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Jul 15, 2019

In this episode:

  • Retraining your brain to build belief

  • Surrounding yourself with people of a higher ‘temp’

  • Busting through your comfort zone to level up

  • Using self-confirming bias to serve you

I am SO excited today to share with you a concept that I learned from Ed Mylett who is straight FIRE & has been an incredible mentor to me from afar.

The principle is that you see things as you are in regards to your internal thermostat instead of what is externally affecting you. The majority of people believe that their life is dictated by EXTERNAL factors, but it’s really about who we think we are & our own identity.

Because wouldn’t it suck if your entire life was dictated by things completely out of your control?

Ed’s concept is that your IDENTITY is your THERMOSTAT.

Today I wanted to give you a few tangible tips for ways to RAISE your internal thermostat & in turn LEVEL UP your entire life. I know that this concept has been really meaningful for me & I think you’re really gonna LOVE it too!

“Happiness is an inside job. So make sure that you’re not putting the keys to your happiness in other people’s pockets.”   


“Most people think that their life is dictated by external circumstances, things that they can’t control, but in reality it’s so much more about who we think we are & how we identify.”

“As you learn more, make sure that you’re consciously… asking yourself, am I adjusting my thermostat of my identity?”

“It’s really important to just recognize, that as you change and up level in different aspects of your life, that your identity has to evolve with it.”

“What we look for, we’re gonna find.”


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