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Jul 25, 2019

In this Episode:

  • Taking inventory on the people around you

  • Deciding where you want to level up in your life

  • Expanding your inner circle

  • Growing into the person you’re meant to be

At a conference I attended recently, I heard a quote from speaker Trent Shelton, “if you don’t have friends who clap when you win, you don’t have a circle, you have a cage.”

Wow, talk about a MIC DROP. Because truthfully, that is SUCH a powerful statement, and it got me thinking about how as much as society likes to focus on the people who naysay or the haters, we also have to realize that if we’re spending our time with people who ONLY clap for you, you’re also not going to GROW.

In today’s episode I wanted to share 3 simple & tangible tips for finding that balance between people who clap for us but give us feedback or inspire us and also people that don’t get us so that we can learn & build up our confidence.

I really think this is going to resonate with you & I can’t wait to hear what you think girl!



“If you wanna uplevel in any part of your life, it's really important to be intentional about those people that are around you constantly who are really damn comfortable being comfortable.”

“You might need someone who’s doing more than you in an area in your life that you want to excel more at.”

“It’s difficult to BE what you can’t SEE.”

“Your physical environment is hugely impactful on how you show up in this world.”

“You owe it to yourself to think bigger, to live bigger. To live a life that you are so freaking obsessed with and you owe it to the people who are going to be inspired by watching you.”


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