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Sep 19, 2019

In this episode:

  • Creating your own vision of success

  • The power of self-awareness

  • Finding clarity through action

  • Embracing that life is rigged in your favor


& because I ALWAYS think of you like a girlfriend sitting across from me sippin on spicy margaritas I wanna dive right into this content all around what I thought “success” by 30 would look like, and how I define success differently now.

Maybe you are 30, or almost 30 or maybe even about to hit a different milestone and you have these feelings of where you SHOULD be, what you SHOULD have or accomplished by now, and the fact that you haven’t feels like you’re behind or doing something wrong.

Spoiler alert! You’re not behind & you are NOT doing anything wrong.

Today I just wanted to share what I have learned since turning 30 while living a life I LOVE that is nowhere near what I THOUGHT it would be at thirty years old. And of course give you a couple of TANGIBLE tips that I think will hit home with you.

I can’t wait to hear what you think, and make sure you check out the intro for a fun giveaway opportunity too!!



“Do I actually want those things, like in my heart, is that what I want. Or is it what society has constructed me to want at a certain age.”

“You learning along the way and sharing that journey will help make you confident & it will also inspire other people to put themselves out there too.”

“Sometimes, in a world where you want to make change it helps you with that direction part when you find & pay attention to the things that bother you.”

“Life is in fact rigged in your favor and is going to help prepare you for your next chapter so that you’ve got more tools in your tool box.”


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