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Aug 26, 2019

In this Episode:

  • Getting more skin in the game on our dreams

  • Wanting more does is not selfish

  • Building your confidence through consistency

  • Letting yourself dream & visualize winning

Girl, do we have a juicy episode for you today.

We are talkin about, what’s it gonna take to show up for our dreams - SUCH an important topic, am I right?

It’s so common in our culture to work so hard on our “day jobs” or for someone else’s dreams & goals, but struggle to show up for our OWN dreams & goals.

If we don’t show up for our JOB, we will get FIRED, right?

But in our own goals, nobody’s gonna fire us if we don’t show up. We are not replaceable in our own dreams, which is why we’ve got to get some skin in the game & show up because no one else is gonna hold us accountable to them.

So today we’re talking about three BS stories that we need to just get out of the way and then two ways I think will help us more deeply commit to our dreams.

I am so excited to hear what you think of this one girl!



“You’re not replaceable in your own dreams. So we’ve gotta get more skin in the game to show up for your dreams.”

“If it’s in you, and you want more, it’s selfish actually if you don’t go get it, because someone needs you to show up to life living your best life which inspires them to show up living their best life.”

“You know that you can do it, but for some reason you’ve decided that your ambition is gonna make someone else uncomfortable.”

“Stretch yourself, go a little bigger with your vision, that vision of what could happen even if it sounds crazy… Let yourself dream again.”


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