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Mar 30, 2020

In this episode:

  • Identifying how what winning the day looks like for YOU

  • Focusing on your today & controlling what you can

  • Truly believing in your ability to figure it out

  • Taking inventory on what actually makes you happy

Hey girl! I am always just so excited to get to chat with you on this epic platform, & I was thinking that maybe you’re feeling how I’m feeling: that we need some JOY & LIGHT.

You know I like to think of us like we’re girlfriends chatting over coffee, & today I wanted to talk to you about two questions that I think are super powerful to ask yourself to make today feel a little less heavy.

Of course you know I want to give you tactical tips but also, let’s have some freaking fun too!

We are all aware of what is going on in the world right now, & I do not want to make light of that very real situation.

But, because I know I can’t help anyone when I’m in a dark spiraled down place, I try to get really intentional about sharing my gift & finding the silver lining in all things.

I also know that I have this ability to exude joy & to share it with you, and I truly believe to my core that humor heals.

Please shout out on Instagram or DM if this resonates with you, I’m sending so much love your way & I’ll talk to you soon girl!



“Maybe today, winning the day means this is the day that you draw a line in the sand & you say screw this, I’m not playing safe, I’m not gonna stick with comfy, I’m going for it.” 

“Learning to truly believe in your ability to figure it out, so girl, let’s set you up for a win. And then day after day, we’re gonna wipe the slate clean, & then win the next day.”

“You’ve had happy days before so if you’re feeling down remember your life is a little bit different right now, the circumstances are different, but you can still be happy.”

“Maybe we can reframe this, just a little bit. Maybe this obstacle that you’re facing right now, the current state of the world & your world and how you’re getting impacted.. Maybe one day you’re actually gonna look back & have crazy tremendous gratitude for this exact season that you’re wishing away.”  



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