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Jul 18, 2019

In this Episode:

  • Whose rules are you playing by?

  • Resources for kicking comparison

  • Does what you’re worrying about really matter?

  • Trust the timeline of your path

Girl, I am SO excited you are here today because today’s topic was sparked by the feeling of getting engaged after dating for a decade and some of the responses that I got about it.

I’ve heard from a lot of women about their anxiousness in regards to milestones in their life, whether it’s engagement, or wedding, or buying a house, or having kids and I just really wanted to talk about this topic because I want to give you some TANGIBLE action steps & mindset approaches that have worked for me.

In this short gut check style episode I am breaking down 3 components that I think you’re really going to vibe with!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!



“Am I building a life that I want? Or what society is telling me I SHOULD want?”

“When you know what you actually want, you find that you’re not as anxious about what other people are telling you to do.”

“If you’re letting someone else’s opinion of your timeline dictate what you’re doing with your life, you’re going to end up with a crap ton of resentment towards them.”

“WHY matters so much more than WHAT.”

“You don’t get a prize for getting to a milestone faster.”



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