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Dec 23, 2019

In this episode:

  • Making small daily confidence bucket deposits

  • Learning to celebrate yourself regularly

  • Figuring out how to get yourself pumped up

  • Taking advantage of the ‘Happiness trifecta’

You know, the style of this podcast is like we are girlfriends, sitting together chatting over coffee, but here’s the catch: I’m not really your go with the flow light fluffy style girlfriend.

I’m more like the one that is up in your face like “let’s gooooo! Take ownership, let’s do the damn thing!” so, I’m your saucy girlfriend, and I am SO excited you’re here with me today.

So first things first, I want to remind you that it’s YOUR job to believe in yourself, not anybody else's.

And the quicker we can all get on board with that concept, the easier it gets to navigate life because we don’t get let down as much! One thing that we can each own, is our confidence & our journey towards building confidence. So, because I like to think of confidence like a bucket that you make deposits into, today I wanted to share 4 quick ways that you can continue making deposits into that confidence bucket in real time! I know you are gonna dig this episode & I can’t wait to hear what you think girl!!



“Sometimes we get into this really nasty pattern of focusing on all the missteps or how far we think that we have to go until we get where we want to go, versus how far we’ve come! But reflecting & giving ourselves the opportunity to feel proud really freaking matters.”

“Just remembering that you have an able body that can go outside, can go for a walk & call someone you love… you have a gift of an able body that so many people don’t have, let’s not take that for granted.”

“The pure act of kindness can help us feel happier & confident & excited.”



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