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Jun 18, 2020

In this episode:

  • Practicing optimism & growing your comfort with risk
  • Taking inventory on the opportunity cost of a decision
  • Playing out the full spectrum of your feelings
  • Reframing to find the good & getting back up faster

I am so excited that you are here today because we are talking about what making a change really feels like, about risk & opportunity cost!

Sometimes when you make a decision to make a change you feel super pumped, so excited & on top of the world....

Sometimes you feel like you’re going to puke because you’re so nervous & anxious.

Sometimes you’re really scared thinking like what if this doesn’t work out the way that I planned.. & then sometimes, you do that thing & right afterwards you feel so freaking proud of yourself for doing that thing that you knew was right to do even though you were scared.

& then of course sometimes all of those things happen in the same day if the change is really big!

But today I really want to talk about the FEELINGS that are associated with change & some tactical ways that I actually manage those feelings through the lens of opportunity cost and risk.

So buckle up, we are gonna dive right in!



“As humans we are not wired for uncertainty, our brains are literally not made that way. But just like any muscle, I think you can build up your comfortability with risk as if it was a muscle.”

“I think when you’re making a change or making a decision to do something that you’re a little bit nervous to do but you know in your gut feels right, it’s important to actually take inventory on the opportunity cost. What are you going to miss out on if you don’t do that thing?”

“You’re a human. You’re going to have feelings that you don’t need a permission slip to have. You’re a grown freakin woman!”   



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