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Dec 19, 2019

In this episode:

  • Managing overwhelm in real time

  • Proactively preventing overwhelm in the future

  • Building confidence by getting important things done

  • Time blocking, scheduling catch-up time & outsourcing

 I’m so happy you are here today because we are loading that toolbox of yours up with tools to navigate this crazy season of life!

Yes, it’s the season to be ‘jolly,’ but it’s also the season where we often get a little overwhelmed, or stressed, or we have to navigate interesting dynamics.

Let’s first set the stage, when I say overwhelm I’m referring to when your brain is just so full you kind of feel like a computer with 800 million tabs open & like you’re going to actually explode.

It’s not only uncomfortable, but it’s not healthy to stay in that state for very long because it can lead to anxiety, a real ugly cry, or getting angry at someone that maybe doesn’t deserve it, but it could also lead to you throwing in the towel on your dreams because you don’t feel capable.

So today I am going to breakdown my go-to tips for managing the overwhelm in real time and also a few tips for proactively preventing overwhelm in the future.

I think this can be really powerful & hope it really resonates with you! & of course I can’t wait to hear what you think, so don’t hesitate to tag me on Instagram & let me know! 



“So often, we spend so much of our brain capacity worrying about all of these things that are likely not even gonna happen or they’re not relevant right now.”

“Is there something that you are spending your time doing that doesn’t actually require you to be the one doing it that could give you more time & bandwidth to focus on the things that could only be done by you?”

“Smart people ask for help because they know they can’t show up as their best selves if they’re burnt out.”



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