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Dec 30, 2019

In this episode:

  • Noticing the statements that aren’t serving you

  • Identifying the habits you want to adopt

  • Putting on your curiosity lense & ask better questions

  • Acknowledging & upgrading your thoughts

Can you believe we are about to not only close out this year, but this DECADE?? Are you ready girl?!

I’m so glad you are here today because I’m excited to chat with you all about language & how much freaking POWER is in the words that we use.

I want to breakdown a few common “I am” or “I am NOT” statements we often tell ourselves that just don’t serve us and also help open your mind to some NEW things we can say to embody whatever habits or goals we have for life.

By the end of this episode, we are going to say GOODBYE to some thoughts & statements we are saying currently that are NOT serving us, and say HELLO to a new upgraded “I am” statement to bring into the new year, or whatever new phase of life you’re in. Girl, we are doin’ the damn thing in 2020, let’s go!


“When we say things in a conditional way, we’re deciding that we can’t change them. But really we can change anything with effort & desire to change, right?”

“Sometimes the things that we are saying, we actually do want to change, but sometimes we don’t change them until they are like really inconvenient or they bring a lot of discomfort to us or to people that matter to us. And I don’t want it to get that bad.”

“We have the power to change our thoughts by catching the statements that we’re saying because those words matter.” 

“Your brain is going to look for evidence to support those ‘I am’ statements that you’re saying in your head, even if you’re not saying them out loud.”


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