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Dec 16, 2019

In this episode:

  • Tips for building your RESILIENCE muscle 
  • Navigating the uncomfortable & scary feelings associated with growth 
  • Changing our perspective on failure or setbacks 

Girl I’m so excited you’re here today because we are talking about how IMPORTANT it is that we CHOOSE hard in life & how freaking CRUCIAL it is that we PROACTIVELY build up that MUSCLE of RESILIENCE. 

I want to help us get to the point that WHEN WE get down or feel LOW…. it actually feels SO FREAKING WEIRD to stay down because we are SO used to getting back up. 

Because life WILL throw curveballs and being MORE resilient makes it easier to navigate and ALSO gives us an opportunity to FEEL PROUD & build CONFIDENCE RIGHT? 

& ALSO today we are going to dive into why it's NECESSARY for us to DO things outside of our comfort zone if we want to get BETTER at ANYTHING but also how NORMAL it is to be SCARED or feel UNCOMFORTABLE when we are growing.

I think this will be JUICY & I really hope it’s impactful for you! 

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“Your FUTURE self needs the opportunity of you CHOOSING to do hard things to feel PROUD because once you’ve done something hard you’ve proven you CAN do hard things and that’s going to help you navigate it in the future with more confidence” 

"OF COURSE we are going to be SCARED doing something NEW. OF COURSE it’s not going to FEEL GOOD to grow. But isn’t that a GOOD FEELING? To know that you CARE and you are EMOTIONAL because it MATTERS to YOU?"

“The difference between SUCCESSFUL people CRUSHING GOALS and people who maybe AREN’T seeing the success they want right now is HOW LONG THEY let themselves STAY DOWN. Your rebound time MATTERS"


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