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Jun 13, 2019

In this episode:

  • Feminine vs Masculine energies in goal setting

  • Forgetting the timeline & refusing to settle

  • Realizing you are your own bestie

  • Choosing to be curious instead of comparing

Libby Crow is an entrepreneur, teacher & self-proclaimed human sparkler.

Libby was a teacher who found her path by accident through network marketing and is now the founder of a marketing strategy company.

She runs multiple programs to teach women how to build and scale businesses online and is the co-founder of the Daily Shift - a personal development company for aspiring & accomplished entrepreneurs that she started with her husband.

She has also built a personal brand that earned over 7 figures last year.

What I love MOST about Libby is her ZEST, her spunk, and the HONESTY she brings to this episode.

She tells you what’s up, but in a loving & honest way that makes you want to be best friends with her. In this episode we cover everything from goal setting, figuring out what your thing is, how to move past feeling stuck, asking yourself better questions, to getting clarity on what YOU really want out of life. I really think you’re going to LOVE this episode & as always, I can’t wait to hear what you take from it!!

“Remembering that you have an inner compass side of you, that’s in your belly, it’s in your heart. Most likely not in your head. And that is a better guide than any book you’re gonna read, any course you’re gonna take, any podcast you’re gonna listen to.”



  • Unpretty by TLC

  • Let Me Blow Your Mind by Eve



“If I wasn’t excited about it, you bet your butt I’m not gonna do the work to actually see it out or create something around it.”

“Self-awareness really is number one, slowing down & asking yourself these questions; how am I really really doing? Who am I really really becoming? What would bring me most relief right now? What do I need to feel full?”

“Self-awareness comes from when you realize you’re your own bestie.”

“Entrepreneurship is a shit ton of imperfect messy action and seeing what actually works.”

“The goals you have, are they really yours? Or were they planted in you by someone else?”

“You can’t see the label when you’re inside the bottle.”


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