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Jun 29, 2020

In this episode:

  • Managing the feelings that come with different seasons
  • Allowing yourself to be more curious & try different things
  • Navigating the highs & lows that comes with massive growth
  • Understanding that each season is necessary

I am so excited to have Seena back on the show today for this juicy episode talking about some big big plans we have in the works: We’re MOVING!

& because I think of us like we’re girlfriends chatting over coffee, I want to make sure to keep you in the loop, but I also thought it would be a really cool opportunity to talk about this season as we transition into a move to a new city, but also share with you about the last 11 years.

Seena & I have lived in Seattle, and New York, currently San Diego, and now another move to a totally new city.. AUSTIN, TX babyyyy!

As we’ve been talking about this we realized that each city has had some really incredible growth opportunities & seasons particular to that city that we have learned so much from a tangible tips perspective that we can share with you but also from a feelings perspective.


Can’t wait to hear what you think girl!  



“I had to learn to measure my success of my ‘figuring it out’ stage in a different way than you were measuring your success.”

“Define those success terms for yourself.. You tried something new for the first time, you are making progress towards what you wanna do, that’s still successful even if you’re not there yet.”

“During the growth phase, this doesn’t feel good at all sometimes. The highs & lows, and navigating new things all the time.. But you’re building up that muscle.”

“When you ask better questions, you’re gonna get better answers. So starting to really dig into what does my ‘ideal life’ actually look like, but more importantly what does that actually FEEL like?”



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