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Jun 24, 2019

In this episode:

  • Questions to ask when establishing boundaries

  • Taking full responsibility for your choices

  • Being intentional with your relationships

  • Different boundaries for different seasons

Girl, I am SO excited you are here today because we’re talking about a topic that recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about, which is how do I “balance it all.”

Truth is, I’m NOT juggling it ALL, so let’s just kibosh that whole idea right now. I am happy & grateful, but I’m only juggling what I CHOOSE to juggle which means I’m really only paying attention to what I have put on my priority list myself. It’s really important that if you’re adding something new into your life right now that you’re just honest about how it’s going to be messy at first!

There’s no way to add something into an already full plate, so something will have to give. We have GOT to set boundaries, and those boundaries are going to change as the seasons of our life changes. So today, I am sharing with you a couple of questions that I ask myself to determine what my boundaries are in whatever season I am in. I hope these are helpful for YOU to set boundaries in your own life & of course I can’t wait to hear what you think!

“You’re feeling the call to wanna honor your priorities and create some boundaries because you need to do it, for your life and for the people around you that deserve the best version of you.”



“Maybe there’s an opportunity that you just don’t know how to say no yet, and that’s something that you want to get intentional about working on.”

“It’s not actually what’s going on or even the choices that we’re making at the end of the day, it’s how we feel about what’s going on.”

“I’m gonna make changes from this place of gratitude, where I am grateful for where I’m at now but I’m excited about where I’m going. And then I’m gonna set boundaries from there.”

“I believe that you should feel empowered to have a life outside of building a business or outside of your career, to have a full complete happy life that you love, even with big goals.”


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