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Jun 27, 2019

In this episode:

  • Tiny behaviors that have massive impact

  • Identifying the biggest divorce predictors

  • Becoming aware of triggers in relationships

  • Growth & intimacy in relationships

Today’s episode is going to blow your mind girl and I am SO excited you are here because for the first time ever we are chatting with spouses & digging into communication & growth in relationships.

Rachel & Kyle Wright are the founders of the Wright Wellness Center and are on a mission to strengthen relationships, amp up intimacy & spark constructive conversations amongst couples.

As a previous guest on the podcast, Rachel brought SO much knowledge from her psychotherapy background & I just KNEW having them on together would be incredibly impactful.

They give us tools for navigating communication & challenges, or when one partner wants to grow while they other isn’t on board, or how to have conversations that get us to the goal of being deeply understood and respected by our significant other.

Their dynamic together is so much fun & I know you are going to LOVE this one, can’t wait to hear what you think girl!



  • Defying Gravity from Wicked

  • Dark Saturday by Metric



“Before it even can be fun, we have to remove the shame. Because our culture has made it shameful to go do work on your relationship.” Rachel Wright

“I wanna learn how to be the best version of myself, and I wanna learn how we can be the best together, so that we can be together forever.” Rachel Wright

“One partner cannot bring a relationship to the next level, and you’re just gonna be an anchor on that so if you wanna be with that person, then if they’re gonna grow you better start planting yourself & get ready to grow too.” Kyle Wright

“You don’t have to have an answer. But going into the conversation, have clarity around what you do or don’t know.” Rachel Wright



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