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Apr 25, 2019

In this episode:

  • What therapy is vs what therapy is not

  • Supporting those around us who are struggling with mental health issues 

  • Combating mental health stigma with the movement 

  • Mental health practices for everyone

Dr. Christina Iglesia, is a clinical psychologist who provides therapeutic services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The stigma that her patients bring into therapy has been an enduring theme as well as a notable barrier to treatment. It is with this in mind that she created the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign, with the intent to encourage authentic conversations about mental health. This mental health campaign is a call to action on two fronts. One brings attention to the matter of mental health and removes its stigma. The other provides much needed funds for mental health treatment.

Today’s episode with Dr. Christina is such a POWERFUL conversation around mental health and I am SO excited to share it with you all. She is incredibly insightful and not only provides tangible tips for anyone who are just wanting to be in our best mental health mindset, but also for those of us who have others in our lives that are struggling with depression, or addiction, or wanting to see a therapist or needing to & not knowing exactly how to navigate that.

We talk about how to actually have more authentic conversations about mental health & to encourage this dialogue in society. Her campaign #therapyiscool is something I know we can stand behind together & you’re gonna want to stick around to the end of this episode for something extra special I decided to do.  

“Us as women can do hard things. There’s a reason that we are the ones birthing children.”



  • Shake It Off by Taylor Swift



“Anyone who is open to personal growth, can benefit from therapy.”

“This is something that doesn’t have to be for a certain subset.”

“When you’re trying to find the words to express concern for somebody in your life you have to really think this through & be mindful of how are my words going to be interpreted.”

“People who have a support system, do better in treatment.”

“It is hard to navigate life completely on our own even if we don’t have any struggles. We need connection. We need human contact.”

“We have to be mindful about what signals our body is telling us, and then we have to listen to it.”