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Apr 29, 2019

In this episode we'll chat about: 

  • Paying attention to what pumps you up & what drains you

  • Getting off the “cookie cutter” path

  • Fixing something that bugs you

  • Letting yourself be open-minded

& girl....have you ever thought...what the heck is my “thing”?

As in what’s your career path, is this the right career path? Should you change things up, should you add a side hustle, should you start a blog? What’s your purpose, what’s your PASSION?

This is one of my FAVORITE topics ever & I think it is so relevant because I know, from the messages & questions I’ve received, we WANT to talk about this & really figure out, what IS our thing?!

I wanted to come at this with the lens of how I have started to navigate how to feel fulfilled & excited in PURSUIT of figuring out what my “thing” is, even when it feels uncertain.

I just know you are going to LOVE this one & the tangible tips I lay out for finding your “thing.” 

“We’ve gotta get out of our own damn way to do something different, to have a different experience, because that is what life is all about.”



“Happiness & fulfillment are not a destination.”

“I think if we commit to going through life adding things that bring us joy, and subtracting things that don’t bring us joy, that this is going to be one hell of a ride that we’re excited about.”

“Direction is so much more important to speed… it’s all about the pursuit of getting there & staying open minded.”

“You are holding the keys to your life, and your experiences and how much you’re willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone might be the very thing that shapes you as a person.”