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Apr 15, 2019

In this episode:

  • The words we use have SO much power

  • ‘I am’ & ‘I am not’ statements

  • Conditional vs situational

  • Are your beliefs serving you?

In today’s episode we are talking about LANGUAGE & how the words that we use have so much power.

It’s so important to take the chance to pop the hood & get a different perspective from someone else on those things you may be saying to yourself, especially when we are talking about statements like “I am” or “I am not" right?

I for one am constantly questioning my own “I am” statements to basically see if I agree with what I am saying & if they’re serving me. & girl, if they are NOT serving you, it’s time to CHALLENGE them & ask more questions.

“What you believe that you are, you will act in accordance with. What you believe that you deserve, you will go get.”



“These things that we’re saying, as if they’re conditional statements like ‘I am’ or ‘I am not’ or ‘I’m not,’ those things can change with just a little bit of effort & a desire to change.”

“Sometimes we blatantly say that we are or are not something, & then sometimes it’s actually ingrained in us.”

“Sometimes, we have to remember that we don’t change things until they become extremely inconvenient or bring tremendous discomfort.”

“What are the ‘I am’ statements that you’re saying? Are they true? And more importantly, are they serving you?”



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