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Apr 20, 2020

In this episode:

  • Setting up an environment that serves you now & in the future

  • Managing your expectations & reframing your situation

  • How you can use this time to serve the future life you want

  • Evaluating the people in your life & how they affect you

Thank you so much for being here for today’s episode, I think this topic is really going to hit home with you because we are talking about the life that you want now, like today, and then how we can use this season to serve us for the lives that we build in the future.

There are so many of us that are currently quarantined in our house, maybe you had a job & are now working from home, or maybe you’re a mom trying to teach your kids.

& then I also thought about some of you, who are our health care & essential workers, and I first want to say thank you for how you are showing up & the support you are giving.

But today, I’m just so excited for his episode because I think it’s going to give you a lot of hope & I think you’re really going to connect with it! Can't wait to hear what you think! XO



“You still get to choose what’s acceptable to you. You get to take ownership of what’s right for you & what’s not right for you, no matter what.”

“Your environment… either supports or digs at this incredible mindset that you’re creating.”

“Is it a good idea to only surround yourself with people who think you are already great, when you want to be better?”

“If, environment overrides almost everything in our life, and if in our life the most powerful force is to be consistent & congruent with the expectations of our peer group, then girl, we might need to level up our peer group!”

“What if this is part of your plan to get more intentional about your one shot on the planet?” 



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