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Nov 21, 2019

In this episode:

  • Digging deep into what you really want

  • Attaching visuals & feelings to your dreams

  • Letting yourself truly dream big

  • Breaking down 8 concepts of your ideal life

Today’s episode is a little different, but I am SO excited you are here because I’m going to walk you through something that I think is going to be so powerful for you like it is for me.

We are diving into the concept of visualizing our ideal futures.

I’m going to ask you to dig deep by asking yourself some questions that will help you determine what you want and what it’s going to look like & feel like.

This is a bit different because I hope you will actually write this down.

There is a PDF linked here that you can follow along with & fill out, but I think you’re going to want to listen to this one a couple times while you really dig into your life vision!

This is such a powerful tool that I want to help you master so that you can always have it in your toolbox moving forward.

I can’t wait to hear what you think & see YOU visualizing your dream life!


“You’re just gonna have to push through your resistance. Understand that it’s there because your brain is trying to protect you because it wants to keep you comfortable, but really you’ve got this fire in you.” 

“If nothing was off limits, no ideas were ‘dumb,’ your lack of skill didn’t matter because you could learn how to do anything, what would your ideal career path be?”

“Sometimes we feel stuck, because we’re in this grinding it out stage, we’re trying to push ourselves through… but what if you thought about how good it could be.”

“The idea of how epic our future could be, can be the catalyst for making us change. For taking us from feeling stuck to thriving.”


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